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Octavia, a horse partner for EAS

About Mane Source Counseling & Coaching

Could you use support with anxiety, depression, or life transitions?

Mane Source Counseling and Coaching provides a safe and supportive setting for learning, growth, and change to occur. We offer both virtual and in-person sessions/workshops serving Pitt County, North Carolina.

The horses and staff at MSC offer support to help people take back control of their lives by providing guidance in learning coping skills, self-growth, self-awareness, self-care, and stress management.

Dr. Cheryl Meola is the founder of Mane Source Counseling and one of the founders of Horses and HEALTH Inc. She is the author of Anxiety~The Joule Thief: How to Take Back Control of Your Life.

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I Apologize For Not Listening

Covid-19 is not something I’d wish on anyone. But the mandated stay-at-home order provided me with something I hadn’t had since I was very young- downtime. My first book was finished and awaiting the publisher’s release, my website was professionally updated, and I didn’t have any presentations or classes coming up to prep for. My focus (beyond my kids and their school) was getting some new clinical training, and working on my relationship. With my horse…

Thoughts With Octavia

SO today I was working in Bonnie and Apples paddock in a session, and I noticed a Happy Birthday balloon in the paddock blowing around. I grabbed it and hung on to it for the session (hello- scary plastic thing blowing around?) I thought it would be a good thing to help build trust with Octavia later…

An Intern's Experience with Equine-Assisted Therapy

Mane Source Counseling is a bit different because she integrates equine-assisted therapy for some clients… Before my internship, I personally had never been around horses…To be honest I was even a little nervous working with them for therapy.

A woman standing in a field connecting with a horse.
Wooden Farm sign of Freckles Farm

Adventures at the Farm

Perspective of an Intern

Welcome to Freckles Farm! Whether a client decides to work with one of the minis or a full-grown horse in an equine therapy session, the goal is the same: to recognize emotional and physiological responses in the relationship with the horse. This allows the client to become more self-aware of their own emotional states and how that relates to bonds with others. 

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