Are you overwhelmed with stress from relationships, parenting, work, or other commitments?

Could you use support with anxiety, depression, or life transitions? Mane Source Counseling provides a safe and supportive setting for learning, growth, and change to occur.

We offer in-person sessions in Greenville, North Carolina and virtual sessions for anyone not able to come in person.

Individual and Group Therapy
Supervision for Therapists
Continuing Education Workshops
Wellness Coaching
"Horses give us the unique opportunity to be fully present, without judgment and without expectations. They seek a connection with us, giving us feedback that challenges our preconceived notions of communication and leadership. They offer us the opportunity to evolve in-the-moment and take these lessons with us as we face challenges in our lives."
Dr. Cheryl Meola

What we offer

Virtual and Office Sessions
We are able to offer our wellness coaching and therapy services both virtually and in the office. We use a HIPAA compliant platform for virtual sessions
Equine Assisted Counseling

Experiential counseling where a mental health professional partners with an equine to address counseling goals

Wellness Coaching for Stress Reduction
Wellness Coaching packages are available and are tailored to each person's individual needs. Some of these are: energy management coaching, HeartMath, equine assisted activities, and professional skills development activities. Example goals are stress reduction, professional skill building, and awareness of self and relationship to others

Supervision and Consultation

Experiential (and virtual) approaches to facilitating personal and professional growth in counselors and other helping professionals 

Continuing Education Workshops

Workshops incorporating horses and other farm animals, yoga or mindfulness into counseling, supervision, and personal growth

In-Person Workshops

Dr. Meola is available for on-site consultation for programs that are starting out or revamping current practices

About Mane Source Counseling

The horses and staff at Mane Source Counseling offer guidance and support to help people take back control of their lives by providing guidance in learning coping skills, self-growth, self-awareness, self-care, and stress management. Dr. Cheryl Meola is the founder of Mane Source Counseling and one of the founders of Horses and HEALTH Inc. She is the author of Anxiety~The Joule Thief: How to Take Back Control of Your Life

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