A Multidisciplinary Collaboration with Our Community Partners

There’s more than one way to grow! We believe there are many ways to grow and therefore offer opportunities to combine several healing modalities to meet your personal growth and wellness needs. Because our approach is multidisciplinary, we have several collaborating partners in the community, such as a yoga instructor, dietitian, and expressive arts coach. At Mane Source Counseling and Coaching, we will work with you to create an integrated wellness path as unique as you are!

Check out episode one of our More Than One Way to Grow series featuring guest Kathleen Ascansio, registered dietician and owner of Bee Well Nutrition (https://beewellnutrition.net/). Bee Well Nutrition is rooted in the belief that weight loss and lifestyle change are achievable. We can support you in finding your balance. Here at Bee Well Nutrition, we focus on a non-diet approach to weight loss to see long-lasting and sustainable results. We focus on making small, realistic changes to your everyday life that will have a lasting impact. View the episode here: https://youtu.be/xAPs5U4iJbA?si=Poz2J2HWbMfOV64w


Diverse Horizons

Unleashing Potential, One Local Business at a Time

Michael Sisley, LMCHCS, NCC, started with Mane Source in 2018 shortly after its inception under the supervision of Dr. Meola. Michael founded his own practice in Greenville, NC, A Counselor’s View, in 2021.

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Charity Montelongo, LCMHC, started with Mane Source in 2019, after a long career in outpatient therapy working at agencies. Charity founded her own practice in 2022, Montelongo Mental Health, in Greenville, NC. 

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