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We often forget that our most previous resource - our personal energy - has limitations.

If we are careless with our energy, we can easily suffer in our ability to manage stress and burn out. Learning how to take charge and manage our energy is of greatest importance. It determines our level of physical, mental, and emotional health and general well-being. 

Learn to take charge of your everyday demands and schedule. 

Having boundaries and finding clarity about our priorities are some of the steps you will learn in this well-rounded guidebook. It is filled with effective and easy to follow empowering mindset interventions. 

Once you take control of your Energy Joules, your life will transform. Your relationships will be healthier, your productivity will increase while you do less. Plus, your energy level will remain steady and self-sufficient. Regain your ability to experience happiness and abundance while reaching your goals with ease and enthusiasm. 

This book guides the reader through 25 Empowering Activities that will help you learn to Count Your Energy Joules, Replace Fear with Empowerment, Compartmentalize and Prioritize and Set and Achieve Big Picture Goals. 

Anxiety The Joule Thief is a must-have for any reader on a path to self-improvement with clear intention to improve their overall quality of their life.

Learn to Take Back Control of Your Life! This book guides the reader through 25 Empowering Activities that will help you learn to “Count Your Energy Joules”, Replace Fear with Empowerment, Compartmentalize and Prioritize and Set Big Picture Goals.

Equine Assisted Services Books

An Update from editor Dr. Meola: Great news! I’ve partnered with Horse and Humans Research Foundation to help make Integrating Horses into Healing more accessible. I do not control the listing price, nor do I have access to any discounts that you do not- but together we bought a bulk batch of 50 at 50% off, and we are selling them for $100 (plus shipping). All the proceeds go to HHRF- so a great way to access the book at a more reasonable price (although I wish I could find a way to get it lower!) and support a worthy organization! 

Payment can be made here: and type “book” in the “Your Note for the Donor Scroll” section. The cost with shipping is $110. I can mail out within 24 hours of payment! 

“Written by experts and founders in the world of equine assisted services (EAS), Integrating Horses into Healing: A Comprehensive Guide to Equine Assisted Services is an all-inclusive, hands-on guide for any practitioner, researcher, or student interested in EAS. The book provides a wealth of knowledge, including perspectives from therapy and coaching practitioners, equine professionals, veterinarians, researchers, clients, board members, and founders of the EAS industry. These diverse perspectives offer a depth and insight that make this a go-to guide for EAS practitioners and researchers. The focus of the book is on the ethical incorporation of equines into different therapy modalities. The well-being of the equine as well as the practitioner team is addressed, as well as sustainability and health within a for-profit and non-profit structure.”

Creative Books

“The poems in The Stumble Fields buzz, bristle, and hum with energy and unfurl themselves in several dimensions. They know that the veil between this world and the next is leaky as an old rowboat. 

Albrecht’s talent is everywhere apparent in these elegant lines. The music reflecting both her compassion and visionary engagement with the fading Natural World that surrounds us. 

It is a rare thing to find a poet so committed to her craft and so conspicuously awake at the same time. Whether she is cataloguing the protocols of ghosts, documenting her own transgressions, or tenderly attending to her children, each creation is a circle of pure desire.”

~Keith Flynn, editor of The Asheville Poetry Review, and author of Colony Collapse Disorder.

In On the Road, Jack Kerouac professes his attraction to people who never yawn or say a commonplace thing. I have a feeling that Spill by Malaika King Albrecht would make him sit up and say Whoa…!

Powerfully gritty and honest, Spill refuses to look away from life’s ugliest moments — from the floods in New Orleans to baby mice drowning in a bucket of water — and finally lands you in Serenity Lodge in an “orange chair smelling of singed hair.” 

But all the while a fragile stream of hope trickles unafraid toward its Source. Malaika reminds us that “when tossed upside-down in the surf / unable to discern which way is up / the natural swimmer just breathes out / and follows the bubbles to the surface.” 

Spill is breathtaking.

–Robin Stratton, editor of Boston Literary Magazine, author of 5 books of poetry and prose, most recently the novel On Air.

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