Mane Source Counselor Luis Zuniga Reflects Back

My internship experience at Mane Source Counseling expanded my view on how mental health services could be provided. Until the Fall of 2022, all my clinical experience consisted of providing clinical counseling in an office setting, usually in person and occasionally via telehealth. Mane Source Counseling, in a sense, opened the door to a whole new world for me. I had no experience working with or even being around horses, ponies, donkeys, or other farm animals. The idea of integrating equine assisted psychotherapy into counseling was completely new to me.

I was anxious about this new journey because I had little experience in the counseling field and none with equines. However, my supervisor, Dr. Meola, ensured I could observe several of her sessions, which helped build my confidence. Dr. Meola also conducted multiple hours of hands-on training on the fundamentals of Equine Assisted therapy. From observing to conducting my own counseling sessions, I witnessed how beneficial horses can be in empowering clients to strengthen their self-esteem and promote personal growth. During my internship at Mane Source Counseling, I was fortunate to work with people of all ages, children, adolescents, and adults from all walks of life. This was a great site to expand and further develop my skills as a counselor. I am excited to continue working at Mane Source Counseling after graduation