My Experience as an Intern

Mane Source Counselor Luis Zuniga Reflects Back My internship experience at Mane Source Counseling expanded my view on how mental health services could be provided. Until the Fall of 2022, all my clinical experience consisted of providing clinical counseling in an office setting, usually in person and occasionally via telehealth. Mane Source Counseling, in a […]

Adventures at the Farm

A Perspective of an Intern Welcome to Freckles Farm! Whether a client decides to work with one of the minis or a full-grown horse in an equine therapy session, the goal is the same: to recognize emotional and physiological responses in the relationship with the horse. This allows the client to become more self-aware of […]

An Intern’s Experience with Equine-Assisted Therapy

Mane Source Counseling is a bit different because she integrates equine-assisted therapy for some clients… Before my internship, I personally had never been around horses…To be honest I was even a little nervous working with them for therapy. Before my internship at Mane Source Counseling, I was really just tossed in the mix and I […]

I Apologize For Not Listening – A tale of natural horse partnership

Life is nothing but ongoing education, in fact, it is critical for growth personally and professionally. Sometimes learning comes to us in the most unlikely times and places and can challenge preconceived notions you’ve had your entire life! Keep reading to understand how one riding session with my horse, Octavia, changed how I view horse […]

Thoughts With Octavia – desensitization training

SO today I was working in Bonnie and Apple’s paddock in a session, and I noticed a Happy Birthday balloon in the paddock blowing around. I grabbed it and hung on to it for the session (hello- scary plastic thing blowing around?) I thought it would be a good thing to help with desensitization training […]